We provide art crating, transportation, and installation as well as art packing, storage services and collection maintenance.

Artwork by

Samuel Levi Jones, Page Bond Gallery, July 2020


With over ten years of experience, Professional Art Handling is capable of completing a large variety of installations including oversized 2-D and 3-D pieces. Safety, efficiency, and total presentation are kept in mind while we work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible final placement!



Whether you need to move a single work of art across town or an entire collection to a new location, Professional Art Handling offers reliable and efficient art transport, packing, and storage. The team members who operate our state-of-the-art vans are security cleared, driver/technicians, expertly trained in art handling and installation.


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We welcome artwork for long-term and temporary storage. All storage is properly climate and temperature controlled in a high-ground location. To ensure the safety of the art our facility is security camera and security system equipped. View the Storage Terms and Conditions


Professional Art Handling is committed to the care and preservation of decorative and fine art objects. We work with varying collections ranging from those found in galleries, homes, public and corporate settings. For continued care, we offer ongoing maintenance and management, designed to support the unique needs of each collection. We also offer collection database set up and maintenance.



At PAH we are continually trying to up our game. Part of the process is acquiring training and certification for both equipment & techniques in regards to art handling. PAH has several art handlers qualified to operate aerial work platforms as well as fork lifts.